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Tori Black’s vagina Fleshlight

News: Tori Black has her own series of official Fleshlights, that means you too can slide your dick inside Tori Black’s  vagina and enjoy how it feels and make you… CUM hard.

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Tori Black and her FleshlightTori Black with her Fleshlight

Tori Black's FleshlightTori Black’s signature Fleshlight

Tori Black's Fleshlight close upclose up of Tori’s fake pussy

You can get her Fleshlight with a special inside texture, called Torrid:

Tori Black’s signature Torrid texture is one dizzying array of dick tantalizing majesty. This super-texture combines ridges, bumps, rings, and chambers to create a sensation unlike anything we’ve ever produced. If you’ve been looking for a mind numbing orgasm, the Torrid is the answer.

Torrid texturethe torrid texture

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